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The Manna for Kids food program started in fall of 2013. The program provides food over the weekend for hungry children in Hartselle City Schools. The Manna ministry works closely with teachers and counselors who become our eyes and ears. The teachers recognize when students are in need of food and do not have the proper nutrition. The school counselors communicate so we know how many bags are needed weekly. The food is bagged at the church and delivered to the schools who distribute the bags confidentially. Forrest Chapel does not know the children we feed, however we provide notes and words of encouragement in each bag so the children understand the food is from God, hence the name “Manna”.

Local churches from several denominations along with Forrest Chapel have grown the program to cover all the Hartselle City Schools. To date Manna for Kids has provided over 4000 meals to hungry children. Some churches do a one-time food drive and donate the food while other churches have adopted a child or an entire school.

See the Manna for Kids article below.  Copy and paste the link into your browser to read the article.

‘Manna For Kids’ feeds Hartselle’s hungry children

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