We offer three on-line worship opportunities for you to experience the love of God.

Morning Devotions

Readings and prayer with Rev. Amy. Posted to Facebook, Monday - Saturday @ 6:00am. Archives can be found on our Vimeo page.


A Meditative Worship in the Style of Taize. Posted to Facebook each week at 8:00pm on Sunday. Archives can be found on our Vimeo page.

On Line Worship

Our On Line service is streamed each Sunday @ 10am. Archives are posted on our Vimeo page.
We're making some changes to our website and our Facebook page. Over the next couple of weeks, we'll be migrating our video content from Facebook archives to a new Vimeo page. We'll still post our content to Facebook, so don't worry. But each week we'll rotate out the old as new is added. This will make it easier to find older postings. Wanna binge watch a week of Morning Devotions? You'll be able to easily. Check back.